Our History 

Agripp was founded by Philippe Ceulemans in 1992. We started to shape our first climbing holds in Brussels in the workshop ofhis grandfather, who was a sculptor.Deeply rooted in the rock climbing scene, we created the first bouldering competitions in the end of the 90s in our Roc’House climbing gym. 

We have stayed close to our sculpting roots with the shaping of the first sets using clay (traditional) until 2017.We have now moved towards PU foam which corresponds to the current standard and allows us to make shapes larger, thinner and much faster.

This change allowed us to create the Dune collection which is more refined and propelled us in the international competitions. Recently we have offered a complete range in dual texture, with which will help routesetters to create even more technical routes thanks to more precise technical movements. Glossy and polished combine with the dual texture. The glossy and polished texture will offer endless possibilities.  

Our holds and volumes are present in most world class climbing Gyms and on the professional IFCS circuit as well in national competitions. We are officially selected for the TOKYO 2021 Olympic Games With our MACRO - T20 IFSC Category (pages 20 and 21).  

Our Vision - Spirit of the movement 

Agripp products are innovative.

When making our climbing holds or volumes, our goal is to design shapes that will enable the climber to feel the spirit of movement, to challenge himself like he would outdoors and to reach higher. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Agripp will meet your needs thanks to the different ranges offered (Lead or Bouldering) 

Agripp volumes allow routesetters to create 3-dimensional routes and problems to add style and variety to your walls. 

By choosing Agripp, you are sure to find a new climbing experience and will be able to make creative routes. What defines Agripp products is that they are designed for high end problems and routes. By participating in national and international competitions, Agripp is constantly evolving towards new and exciting shapes.

Our Heritage: Inspiration 

The story of the Agripp holds begins ... in the forest, on the rock, under the fingers of a climber who started climbing thirty years ago, when rock climbing was in its infancy. So many grazed rocks, so many blocks climbed, so many sensations experienced until today, allowing Agripp to innovate in the world of climbing. 

Alongside climbing, a grandfather and a great-grandfather sculptors, who passed on to Philippe a vocation that has been running through his veins since his first breath. Because it is there, in his grandfather's workshop, in Brussels, that Agripp holds are designed and imagined, that clay can be tamed, modeled and sculpted to give life to unique creations.

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