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Our passion

  • By providing specialized tools, inspired shapes and putting hands in the hands of the people who animate our passion on the walls of the lead and block climbing gym.

  • By choosing Agripp, you have a new climbing experience to create creative itineraries. Technical and safety requirements

  • Agripp is recognized by the International Climbing Federation IFSC MACROS
  • Technical and safety requirements, all our products and equipment are manufactured to European standards EN 12572-1, EN 12572-2 (Macros - Wood volumes) and EN 12572-3 (climbing holds)
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Agripp strives to advance the competence of Route Setter

  • He brings their passion for climbing on the walls by defining the lines and creating the movements that continue to inspire and push the climbers.

  • Agripp strives to enable setters to achieve their business through sponsorship, by providing the specialized tools they need at the lowest price, and by reserving free passes through our program.


  • We advise you in your climbing installation project. From the selection of climbing structures to the assembly of itineraries, from cleaning advice to the topics of safety and control, we advise you in an exhaustive manner.

  • In addition, we have a group of experienced specialists throughout the Benelux, France, Germany, England ... We look forward to answering your questions and advising you.


Climbing culture

  • At Agripp, we are a group of people who want to promote the world of routesetting and make it more professional. Our passion for climbing has taken us to another level where we do not climb anymore, but we want others to climb and benefit as much as possible. Since climbing is not just for you, but for all of us.

  • We put you in contact with the best routesetter to learn to screw differently on your structures in order to arouse emotions and to motivate the climbers again and again. In doing so, we will discuss different movements and their effects on coordination, reflexes and physics. And so that no one gets hurt by screwing or climbing.


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