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The wood Supper

Are made of plywood 18 mm high quality birch.

Birch is used because it provides the perfect balance of strength and elasticity. In addition, It's a fast-growing tree that makes it an environment of choice.

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The volumes are entirely plywood, screw installation is a breeze

The texture can be produced in one of our 16 standard colors or any other RAL on demand as well as fluorescent colors.

Everything is based on an observation, wood volumes are fashionable, they add aesthetics to the wall, they give relief, they help the creativity of road setters and especially we take a great pleasure to climb on!

With this in mind, the Supper brand has developed a full range of volumes to delight in climbing and opening blocks or tracks.

In order to achieve the best possible volumes in the climbing market. Whether it's lead or bouldering. Supper opens the way. Passionate about new climbing sensation we are always looking to improve our products.
That's why we worked a lot on volume grain and longevity. All with an emphasis on innovative shapes and particularly adaptable on several inclinations by turning them simply or some are assemblable.

We make volumes that have a more sustainable perspective because they have been studied to last in time both in terms of the material but also in terms of design especially as the price is competitive (-5% of the average price ).
Our knowledge of climbing in room management, on-route setting, leisure climbing and even climbing to the highest level brings us the skills to bring you a volume of quality on which you will be pleased.

Volumes without T-Nuts are particularly well suited for use as a volume for gripping, if no jack is to be mounted on it. We have also innovated in the dual texture that allows even more original movements


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